Use Cases

National Security Systems is supporting NEC solutions in use across Federal agencies. Check this page regularly; new use cases will be documented as NSS implements solutions.


Biometric Entry & Exit

U.S. Customs & Border Protection - Entry and Exit

NEC’s cloud-based, on-demand identification solutions are used for all back-end biometric matching for the entry/exit passenger processing at land, sea and airports where facial recognition technology is enabled across the U.S.

Today, some of the busiest airports across the country use NeoFace® technology in other form factors to collect facial images, which are sent to back-end Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases for comparison. The result is increased border security and more convenient and hygienic travel.


Transportation Security Administration Checkpoints

NEC performed a successful pilot of a CBP matching service integrated into TSA checkpoints in the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and then moved the pilot to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).

This innovation proved that travelers processing through TSA security checkpoints could, in fact, have a frictionless experience from curb-to-gate using only their faces as a Digital ID, as opposed to showing a government-issued credential and boarding pass.

U.S. Army Base Access Management

Authorized personnel, workers and guests registered with secure military bases can go through security checkpoints at certain gates where NEC technology is deployed. Through our partnership with industry leading camera manufacturers, drivers of single-occupancy vehicles can be identified through their windshield or the window by showing their face at a self-serve screen in a specialized lane. Anyone who is not registered in the system must request entry through the manned checkpoint.

These innovations enhance force protection of security personnel at manned checkpoints, providing increased stand-off while also speeding up throughput at entry/exit checkpoints.


Office of Biometric Identity Management

The Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) is one of the largest face databases in the world, with approximately 1 billion images. It provides biometric match, store, share and analyze services to DHS and mission partners to support critical national security priorities.

Using NEC technology, the DHS authoritative matching system manages face and iris modality biometric operations.

Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology

DHS deploys NEC’s award-winning biometric technology in the annual DHS S&T Rally since 2018. NEC has consistently ranked either #1 or in the top 3 of every category. Most recently, in 2020, NEC scored #1 in face matching with masks.

NEC Posts Highest Mask Recognition Score in DHS Technology Rally (




Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines is the first U.S. airline to deploy curb-to-gate facial recognition capabilities to expedite check-in, bag drop, TSA verification and boarding. The opt-in service was initially made available to Delta passengers in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). As a result of the rollout, 87 percent of all outbound internal passengers chose to board with their face rather than a physical ID and boarding pass. Now, Delta has expanded the biometric option to eight more airports throughout the U.S. (MSP, LAX, BOS, DTW, SLC, JFK, SEA and PDX).

Delta to launch first biometric terminal in the U.S. | Delta News Hub

Federal Law Enforcement

U.S. Secret Service

NEC’s SmartScan technology is installed at 124 U.S. Secret Service (USSS) offices across the country. The hardware is used to scan fingerprints and cards for criminal and applicant background checks, as well as provide store-and-forward feature for seamless fingerprint searches.

NEC’s robust archive technology is deployed as a part of the solution to offer a multitude of searching, viewing, printing and management features through a flexible, portable thin client application. The technology supports free text and wildcard searches, along with the sealing and unsealing of records to maximum data security and privacy.

The USSS uses NEC technology daily to perform civilian background checks, criminal enrollments and other biometric transactions.


Immigration & Customs Enforcement

ICE relies on the NeoScan®45 mobile biometric device for capturing fingerprints in the field. The easy-to-use, highly adaptive fingerprint capture devices support ICE’s mission of smart immigration enforcement, preventing terrorism and combating the illegal movement of people and trade.

Department of State, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement

NEC partnered with DOS INL to deploy a large-scale multimodal ABIS solution to disrupt the international drug trade in Central and South America. Our award-winning algorithms and search engine software platform (AIM-XM) were chosen for this critical mission because of their superior accuracy, performance and effective design.


Digital Identity


Star Alliance Biometrics

To ensure a fast, contactless and hygenic customer experience, Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance created Star Alliance, powered by the NEC Digital Platform. Once opted-in to the platform, users create a Digital ID that can take them from curb-to-gate. Now, travelers can use their Digital ID at check-in, bag drop, retail, airport restaurants and beyond—such as hotels and transportation.