Identity & Biometrics

The powerful combination of our top-ranked biometric technology and continually refined AI algorithms present quick and accurate solutions for identifying and verifying individuals.


Identification and Verification

NEC biometrics for face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein, palm print and voice are consistently rated in the top of their class by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our advanced biometrics algorithm is the basis of all our solutions to verify (1:1) people in a data set or identify (1:n) people who are not known.

NEC NSS offers hardware, software and end-to-end solutions for:


Identity Intelligence

Identity intelligence (I2) combines biometrics with forensics and document and media exploitation (DOMEX) to quickly generate actionable intelligence and identify potential threats. I2 fuses biometric and other data, including geo-fencing, mobile sensing, historical events, and transaction risk to enable decision-making capabilities for users across a spectrum of Federal operations and mission sets.

Identity Verification

The innovative collaboration between NEC and Intercede reinforces trust and security. The new app overhauls an outdated system with a technologically advanced, user-friendly solution. Our Identity Verification method is a prime example of harnessing the power of technology to address real-world concerns while simultaneously enhancing public confidence in our government agencies.


Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Physically protect your facilities, people, and assets from real-world threats. The Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (IPIDS) uses cutting-edge technology, industry-leading detection rates and low false alarms to quickly and accurately detect unauthorized entry to your site.

At A Glance

  • Secures facilities and perimeters like national borders, military compounds, data centers, diplomatic outposts and more.
  • Provides real time situational awarness
  • High performance in a wide-range of field conditions
  • Classify, locate and deploy resources to deal with multiple types of intrusions.

ABIS Solutions

An Automated Biometrics Identification System (ABIS) is used to search biometric records for a match. Our hardware-agnostic software as a service (SaaS for ABIS) relies on the most accurate matching algorithm as validated by NIST: NEC’s NeoFace® algorithm.


At A Glance

Our scalable ABIS solutions are defined in two groups: AIM XM and AIM-ES. Both have search options to be determined for each application, with 1:1 and 1:n multimodal matching capabilities for fingerprint, palmprint, face, and iris records.

  • NEC’s Advanced Identity Manager extensible Multimodal (AIM XM) provides integrated multimodal matching services for fingerprint, palmprint, face, and iris. It provides a platform to build a variety of biometric identification and secure credentialing solutions for law enforcement and public safety communities to establish identities and prevent fraud.
  • NEC's Advanced Identity Matcher - Edge Source (AIM-ES) is the fastest and most precise small-scale biometric engine available for creating and administering face and fingerprint recognition galleries and templates. It also provides industry-leading accuracy and search response times in identity matching and scoring, making it a highly dependable tool for government agencies.

Biometric Capture

Streamline the process of capturing biometric data for applicant background checks, biometric enrollment, criminal arrest bookings, offender registrations and more. The NEC SmartScan Multimodal Capture System records face, finger, iris, and signature images and supports 1D and 2D barcode reading.

At A Glance

NEC SmartScan Multimodal Capture System provides superior biometric capture capabilities integrated with NEC’s latest multimodal biometric quality evaluation algorithms. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides the flexibility, reliability, and speed that applicant/background processing requires. Its modular architecture supports additional biometric modalities, such as face and iris.

  • Multimodal biometric capture (fingerprint, face, iris, signature images)
  • Supports 1D and 2D barcode reading (driver licenses and passports)
  • Multiple hardware configurations and flexible capture station operation
  • Hardware agnostic, easily integrates with third-party, FBI-certified, biometric capture devices
  • Available Insights Archive to store, retrieve, view, and print records
  • Extensible, scalable middleware and database powered by iESB middleware for data presentation

Enrollment and Digital Identity

Credentials and ID cards can be misplaced, stolen, forged, or destroyed. Instead, agencies and citizens can use biometric enrollment for a touchless Digital ID that will recognize them wherever the user grants permission and the technology is available. NEC enables a highly secure, accurate, and scalable solution that enables efficiencies for Federal agencies.


At A Glance

  • A complete identity validation exchange through a single, reliable provider
  • Identities are protected with blockchain technology
  • Users maintain control of their ID and choose how it can be used
  • Digital IDs may be linked with physical cards for functionality, including electronic payments

Automated Recognition

Recognition is the next step in accepting Digital Identity at an entry point. NEC is a leader in launching eGate boarding at airports around the world, and we are working on global entry solutions that can verify enrolled passengers prior to the security scans. As digital identities gain adoption, NSS is ready to support ePassports in the U.S.

At A Glance

Automated recognition enables expedited and hands-free verification clearance for pre-approved travelers, airline and airport employees, and airport security officers.

  • Simplifies and streamlines customs inspections
  • Prevents the spread of pathogens - contactless and hygienic
  • Enables passport checks using self-service verification
  • Allows customs and immigration officers to focus on traveler safety
  • Confirms traveler identity accurately, securely, and efficiently with or without a face mask

Access Management

Instantly screen for identity as individuals approach Access Control Points (ACPs), secured facilities, or restricted areas without physical ID cards or fingerprints. NEC’s Biometric Base Access Management (BAM) solutions accurately identify people through vehicle windows or as they advance on foot.


At A Glance

BAM supports more efficient use of personnel and budget resources and can be deployed for a variety of uses across an installation or facility.

  • Operates on-premises or in the cloud
  • Provides contactless access
  • Allows localized management of user access policies and optional cloud-based remote management
  • Integrates with third-party external systems to identify individuals on security watchlists
  • Detects elevated body temperature (EBT) with an added feature

Credential Authentication

Streamline identification steps with Credential Authentication Technology paired with NEC NeoFace® recognition. This fast, accurate traveler processing solution also eliminates the need for physical contact between travelers and transportation security officers (TSOs) for enhanced safety.

At A Glance

Hardware components include devices for reading Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards and travel documents, capturing face images, and an ultraviolet (UV) light for document authenticity verification. All devices are incorporated into an ergonomically designed hardware platform that is easy to maintain, durable, and sturdy—yet easily moved by a single TSO.

Body Temperature Screening

The ability to detected elevated body temperature (EBT) in individuals has been particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. NEC’s NeoFace® Thermal Express captures body temperatures using (AI)-driven advanced video and thermal analytics, and industry-leading face recognition with trusted infrared (IR) thermal imaging sensors to verify and detect elevated body temperatures without contact.


At A Glance

Built with industry-leading sensors and top-ranked NEC software, NeoFace® Thermal Express achieves fast results and exceptional accuracy. NEC’s cloud-based Digital Services Platform is the secure foundation for its sensor management, biometric matcher orchestration, scalability and interoperability.

  • Detects elevated body temperatures (EBT) and alerts operators if a fever is indicated
  • Detects personal protective equipment, including face masks
  • Uses NEC NeoFace®, the industry’s most accurate and proven face recognition technology
  • Delivers a scalable and modular platform with enhanced video and thermal analytics
  • Provides high customer throughput
  • Improves customer experience and decreases or eliminates lengthy queues